1412   6th January -Birth of Joan of Arc
1429   February - Travel through Lorraine to Vaucouleurs
1429   end of February - Leaves for Chinon
1429       8th May Liberation of Orleans
1429   18th june - French victory at Patay
1429   17th July - The crowning of King Charles VII at Reims
1429   18th july - 26th August - Strategic progression of the army towards Paris
1430   March / April - Joan leaves Sully where the French court resided and conquers Compiegne
1430   April / May - Campaign around Compiegne
1430       23rd May Joan is captured by the bastard of Vandonne under the order of John of Luxembourg who turned her over £10.000 to the Bishop Pierre Cauchon, who was in the pay of the English
1430   May / November - Joan is imprisonment at Beaulieu and Beaurevoir
1430   November / December - Transfert from Beaurevoir to Rouen
1431   9th January - Opening of her condamnation trial
1431   24th May - St Ouen cemetary, renounced her confession
1431   28th / 29th May - Joan is proclaimed a relapsed heretic and abandonned to secular authorities
1431   30th May - In the morning, Joan is burnt alive on Rouen's old market square (place du Vieux Marché)
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