Musée Jeanne D'Arc de Rouen


  1    What are The two types of seal (sceaux)?
  2   Give the name of one of Joan of Arc's companions:
  3   What is the name of the King who built Rouen Castle?
  4   In which language was the legal manuscript (manuscrit du procès)?
  5   Who wrote Joan of Arc's letters?
  6   How many fountains are there in the Place de la Pucelle ?
  7   How many churches were there on the model of the Place du Vieux Marché ?
  8   How many ensigns (enseignes) did Joan of Arc have?
  9   How many books about Joan of Arc were written?
  10   What is the name of the Bishop who condemned Joan of Arc ?
  11   Who was Jacqueline Morane ?
  12   What is the weight of Joan of Arc armour ?

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  13    In which year was Joan of Arc born ?
  14   What is the name of Joan of Arc's cousin ?
  15   What is the name of the Captain of Vaucouleurs ?
  16   The Dauphin (heir to the throne ) exchanged clothes with......
  17   The town of Orleans was freed in........
  18   The King was crowned on 17th july 14..  ? In the town of.................... ?
  19   Joan was taken prisoner at.................... ?
  20   Why was Joan of Arc condamned to death ?
  21   On the morning of 30th ............. 14..  Joan left fot the stake.
  22   What did the executioner do after her death ?
      Traduction par: Alison Ballantine - Professeur responsable de francais . Ecole- Llangatwg Comprehensive School, Neath, Pays de Galles
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