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Orleans having been freed by Joan of Arc on March 8th , 1429, English troops were concentrated in Meung-sur-Loire. On June 14th , after she recaptured Jargeau from the English, Joan said these famous words to the Duke of Alencon: " I want to visit those of Meung, tomorrow after lunch ". Next day she arrived from the south of the Loire through Cléry, stormed the fortified bridge of Meung and took it from the English, who left the town for good, heading northward. In 1929, as a tribute to the deliverer of the city, a commemorative tablet was affixed on a wall of the " Relais Louis XI ", just in front of the ancient bridge that Joan so gallantly carried.

Plaque commémorative

La Collégiale et la Porte d'Amont

Les Mauves en centre-ville

La marine de Loire
devant le relais Louis XI

Jeanne traversant la Loire ( Assises des Villes Johanniques 2008 )

Mairie : 32, rue du Général de Gaulle- 45130 Meung sur Loire

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