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      Having been overlooked for three centuries, Joan of Arc reappeared after the revolution to occupy, from the 19th century untill the Vichy regime, a central place in political an ideological debates. The cult of Joan of Arc is an extraordinary myth, based around a revolutionary "Child of the people" , saviour of the monarchy and of the divine order, patriot betrayed by the chuch's elite.
Across all that, the history of French nationalism up to the 19th century has written itself
The annexation of Alsace-Loraine by Germany, The fatherland threatened from abroad and the bombing of the cathedral at Reims by the Kaiser's troops in 1914 - 1918 allowed public and religious powers to relaunch the cult of Joan of Arc.
In 1940 - 1944, London then Berlin, as well as Vichy, used Joan of Arc to support their propaganda. More recently during the Falklands wars, an Argentine visitors was upset at not having Joan of Arc in his country.
But only the historical facts are important. Thanks to Quicherat, who was the first to study the texts about her life, we can offer you a summary of her life which only really began when she was 13 and she heard the voices for the first time, and which ended when she was 19 on the stake.
These days, many young girls continue to die at 19 in order to be free or simply for their self-respect.
Our only wish is that Joan of Arc brings to mind their struggles.


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