Joan of Arc's Suit of Armour

Charles VII provided Joan of Arc with a suit of armour costing 100 écus, either 2 500 sols or 125 tournois pounds . This was not an outstanding sum and contributed towards the inventory that Joan established during her trial:

Through the Count of Laval's testimony, we learn that the suit of armour was in fact a "harnois blanc" ,or "all-in-one" suit of armour, rather than a suit comprising of several detachable pieces.
In comparison, this suit of armour cost twice as much as the cheapest equipment used, yet cost eigh time less than the most expensive.
This suit of armours was offered to the town of Saint Denis in
ex voto after failed attack on Paris.
Fom that moment on, Joan wore a suit of armours taken from a Bourguignon, the value of wich remains unknown.
The Saint Denis suit of armours was almost certainly not destroyed but possibly suffered the same fate of the sword that was offered to Sainte Catherine de Fierbois by a soldier, and then borrowed by Joan of Arc.

Source -Olivier Bouzy,"Jeanne d'Arc, Mythes et Réalités", Atelier de l'Archer-


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